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The KSCS Console System is a power saving device that can be installed in your equipment using an AC motor. It can save energy by filtering change in pressure and fluid speed and by facilitating proportional output control at load driving axis. It is used in a wide range of industrial scenes ans it saves energy by controlling the driving part of hydraulic motors. For example, hydraulic systems for injection molding machines, die casting, hydraulic press, dust collector, feed and discharge water pump, compressonr, etc.

HI-SAVER system which controls the AC motor used in the industrial machine can be installed in each and every system to save idle power while controlling the machine to maximize its performance. The device is applicable for 5KW ~220KW according to the size of the motor used. It is designed to be applied to 220V, 380V and 440V.

HI-SAVER will greatly contribute to your company's energy-saving commitment by up to 20~40% depending on your business category, which in return increase your corporate competitiveness.


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Power Saver for AC Motors